IFPSM: International Learning Lab on Public Procurement and Human Rights


Information from our Partner IFPSM (The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management)


We have recently launched the website of our International Learning Lab on Public Procurement and Human Rights:


The Lab aims to become a network of all interested stakeholders (central and local government procurement agencies and purchasing officers; procurement professional associations; regional and international organizations; non-governmental organizations (NGOs); national human rights institutions (NHRIs); and academics, and a platform for:

  1. experience-sharing among procurement actors on approaches to integrating respect for human rights;
  2. generating knowledge about public procurement law and policy and human rights;
  3. producing and disseminating tools and guidance to build capacity to integrate human rights issues among procurement professionals; and
  4. promoting coherence between procurement and human rights in international and regional frameworks and initiatives.

We recently published our first Lab report - a survey of policy and practice in 20 jurisdictions - to which many of you contributed invaluable data, for which sincere thanks again! Those of you that did so are acknowledged in the report: 


We have also just launched a public procurement and human rights blogspot on our new Public Procurement and Human Rights Learning Lab website: http://www.hrprocurementlab.org/blog/public-procurement-and-human-rights-putting-the-house-in-order/#more-395

Our aim with the blog  is to raise the profile of the Lab and public procurement and human rights issues more generally, but also to provide a forum for discussing key issues, canvassing practitioner and other stakeholder views, and flagging new developments, upcoming events, etc.

You are warmly invited to contribute to the blog with short posts (anywhere between 300-1000 words) in the coming weeks, highlighting any issues you feel relevant. Please get in touch with me if interested.

Finally,  we will hold our next Lab workshop in Geneva in November right after the UN Forum. Again, you are warmly invited to join us, and to share info with any procurement stakeholders nationally.

Further details here: http://www.hrprocurementlab.org/blog/events/save-the-date-second-international-workshop-on-public-procurement-and-human-rights/



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