14/01/2020 | Drink et conférence du nouvel an de l'ABCAL


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L’ABCAL vous invite à son drink annuel et à la conférence organisés en exclusivité pour vous,

le mardi 14 janvier 2020 de 17h15 à 20h30.


De 17h30 à 17h45: Assemblée Générale extraordinaire de l'ABCAL réservée aux membres effectifs de l'ABCAL

Ordre du jour et inscriptions voir ci-dessous



Thème de la conférence:



The industry in Belgium, as in Europe, is facing the greatest turmoil since the introductionof the computer in the workplace in the 1980s: the fourth industrial revolution.
The cyberphysical systems established across borders, time and organizational limits will challenge the conventional organization of production and transport, undermining both margins and leadtime allowances. Intrinsically agile, these new supply networks (rather than the unidirectional chain) will not only undercut national or regional champions through price and speed, they will also actively differenciate in a previously negative dimension: risk. Conventional supply chain management tends to treat market, process and supply risks as elements to be mitigated by inventory or, at best, demand side management. This leads to large semi-fixed costs, obsolence or rationing of the revealed demand. The cyberphysical systems, entailing a higher unit cost of production but lower cost of transport and storage, will optimally compete by promoting rapid product introductions, upgrades, modifications and customizations, rapidly changing the rules and terms of competition to gain volume. Interconnected with generic producers, low fixed costs combined with high global capacity, the new manufacturing organizations will create supply chain systems that will be resilient, but not robust in the conventional sense. How are the industrial supply chains in Europe meeting this threat? Unfortunately, beyond perhaps Germany, the continental European sector is reacting in an almost fatalistic manner, assuming that market changes will affect all actors similarily and without any need for individual adjustments. Given low or no interest from the public sector to anticipate the changes, not even for the inevitable radical changes of the labor pool, the level of investment is minimal in both hardware and process skills. However, a risk entails both a possible loss and an opportunity of a gain. For the Belgian entreprises, an excellent logistical situation combined with a performing infrastructure and a high-skilled labor force could defend a lasting position in the competitive landscape, if prompt action is taken.



per agrellPer AGrell

Louvain School of Management – UCLouvain

Currently Dean of the faculty of management at UC Louvain, he has acted as evaluator at international university and research evaluations in BE, FR, DK, SE, FI, and US, been member of the research councils in BE and DK, chairman for the promotion committee at UCLouvain, chairman for the doctoral commission in economics and management at UCLouvain and other tasks.
The doctoral students of Prof. AGRELL include current associate professor in France, Senior Lecturer at Montfort University, chaired professor at Tilburg University, permanent economic advisor at OECD, chief regulatory manager at TSO, and others. He regularly receives postdocs and other visiting researchers at CORE.



Toute l’équipe de l’ABCAL vous remercie pour votre confiance et vous présentera ses vœux 2020 à cette occasion.



Modalités pratiques:



Mardi 14 janvier 2020

de 17h15 à 20h30



Atrium KPMG 408217h15 Accueil
17h30 AG Extraordinaire - Ordre du jour* voir ci-dessous (dans Auditorium, salle 301)
17h45 Mot du président ABCAL
18h00 ABCAL Highlights 2020 Formations, Activités, Club SCAL…
18h10 KPMG Highlights & futures perspectives
18h30 Conférence par Per Agrell
19h15 Drink + catering dans l'Atrium KPMG
20h30 Fin




Luchthaven Brussel Nationaal 1K
1930 Zaventem – Brussels


Facile d'accès - Parking souterrain à proximité.


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Assemblée Générale extraordinaire de l'ABCAL

Réservée aux membres effectifs de l'ABCAL


* Ordre du jour:

  • Changement du siège social (faisant suite au déménagement de l'UWE);
  • Redéfinition des membres effectifs, adhérents et stagiaires;
  • Passage du nombre maximum d'administrateurs de 16 à 18.

Inscription gratuite à l'AG (au drink et à la conférence) mais obligatoire pour les membres effectifs ABCAL

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